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Friday, March 29, 2013

Tips For Traveling Solo

This week I visited San Francisco for the Game Developer's Conference. It was fantastic! Except one little detail - I was traveling all by myself. This was the first trip I had ever taken by my lonesome, but by the end of my trip - it didn't feel that way.

I spent three days navigating the conference, meeting members of the press, and catching up with friends. The trip was fantastic, and I look forward to traveling by myself again. I think traveling solo is a great way to push your comfort zone, and learn a little bit about yourself. Here are my tips:

Keep it Short. This may not always be within your control, but my advice is to keep your trip under 4 days. You will have enough time to get some work done, and hopefully a few hours to explore a new city.

Fill Your Schedule. Whether it's press meetings, time spent on the trade show floor, afternoon coffee dates, and dinner meetings - keep your schedule full. You'll be less likely to be lonely if you are busy. Got an hour to kill? Why not get a pedicure! I bet your feet deserve it after all that walking.

Be Safe. It's in your best interest to keep the fact that you are traveling solo to yourself, especially on your first trip to a city. Don't venture too far from your hotel room for dinner after dark, and take it easy on the wine while you're there.

Bring the Essentials. Spotify Premium and Amazon Kindle were my saviors during the 6+ hours traveling to San Francisco and back. Bring your favorite headphones to tune out any crying babies and snorers within earshot.

Eat. Even when you are traveling all by yourself, you still need to eat. Don't be shy about it. Grabbing a bite solo is not as intimidating as it may seem, but it takes practice. The upside to eating by yourself? You never have to compromise on which restaurant you will choose. While you're enroute, its important to stay fueled. My boss makes it a point to eat something at each layover. You're less likely to be starving and crabby when you arrive at your final destination.

Early morning wi-fi time at GDC.

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  1. Good advice. Any headphones in particular you'd recommend for planes?