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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3 Ways to Use Pinterest Secret Boards

Image from: PR Daily

Earlier this month, Pinterest announced the addition of “secret boards” available through the holiday season. Account holders now have the ability to add up to three “secret boards” that won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest, limiting visibility to the creator, and any collaborators they choose to invite.

Is this new feature valuable for businesses? Does this privacy capability defeat the purpose of creating and sharing pins that go ‘viral’? How can PR pros, bloggers, and marketing professionals successfully utilize private boards?

Pinterest recommends creating “secret boards” for holiday wish lists, and special events. While these are great ideas for personal use, brands also have the opportunity to think outside the box by using "secret boards" as a powerful inter-office collaboration tool. The private boards offer a secure space for visual brainstorming among multiple departments in the office, and thus, they may prove to benefit a variety of industries.

With just one click, invited board contributors can share concepts, pin articles, capture images, videos, and link to content inspiration without revealing their latest ideas with all of their Pinterest account followers.

Are you lacking inspiration on how your company can use private boards? Here are three ideas to consider:

1. Social Media Content Development Board
Social media managers usually pre-plan posts and images to share several weeks in advance. By using private boards, community managers can collaborate and brainstorm together, and pull inspiration from the board to generate future social media content. For example, if you pin a holiday specific infographic, you can save it for a timely and relevant post in the future.

2. Launch Board
When creating a board specific to a new product launch or an upcoming announcement, it may be valuable to develop a well-crafted board before it is made public. By creating a private board first, marketers can create and design a Pinterest campaign before unveiling the content to the public. Private boards are also helpful because marketers can avoid bombarding followers with multiple pins simultaneously.

3. Event Planning Board
Secret boards offer a great way to collaborate on an upcoming event. Contributors can share images of venues, decor, themes, links to vendors, food ideas, music inspiration, etc. Private boards offer a great solution for visual research, allowing the contributors to conceptualize the event. Also, this type of board provides a hush-hush space to plan an office holiday party, off-site meetings, and other events where private collaboration is helpful.

Will you take advantage of the “secret boards” feature? This new functionality may be just what you were waiting for. Let’s just say, it’s an early holiday gift from the folks at Pinterest!

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